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Bar Business Loans

Working Capital for your bar or pub

Between £5,000 – £250,000 business loan available for your bar or pub.

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Many bars & pubs & have now benefited from our business loan package ‘merchant cash advance’

The Bars & Pubs we have funded have used the cash advance to…

  • Extend the bar area
  • Renovate their beer garden
  • Refurbish lounge areas
  • Pay outstanding VAT bills

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Pub Cash Advances

You know how it is if you run a pub or a bar.  It’s all about your public, and themes.

After being in business for a while and building up a clientele, you start to know why it is they come to you rather than the next closest venue.  Some clever surveying of your public will divulge the real reasons they are there – and they can be many and varied.

Once you have a successful formula, the smart thing to do it to capitalise on it and promote it.  More of the same, but better.  You take the things that are successful and do them more, and drop off those things that aren’t working.  And you promote like crazy.

There is no shortage of public that want to partake of your offerings – they just need to know you are there, be able to find you, and enjoy what they find.

One of my favorite pubs is located some 5 miles out of the city.  Regularly frequented by a few locals, it otherwise attracted people who had gone out rambling and happened to be passing by and liked its “quaint look”.

Talking to his clients, the owner discovered that many of his weekend passing trade loved the drive out into the country to get their pints at the weekend.  The road to his location twists and turns as it sweeps over and around small hills.

Like a blinding light, Opportunity made itself known.  This pub woud not be something people visited while passing by – it would be a destination and an excuse to drive a thrilling road.

Expanded parking facilities, ground work to make outside seating, and clearing away some shrubs to allow an expanded view transformed the place.  No work was done inside.  And then they cleverly promoted the joys of driving that road – to Motorcycle clubs.

Every Summer weekend there are hundreds of motorcycles parked there, with people taking up all of the outside seating.  In Winter, it is a little slower, but the car park is full of cars.  Weekdays are also many times busier than they ever were.

Every successful pub has its own story to tell about its evolution.  Every story is different – but common to each is that there was someone presented with an Opportunity who decided to Act.

If your time is now – contact us for rapid help with the wherewithall.

The Bars & Pubs we have funded have used the cash advance to…

  • Extend the bar area
  • Renovate their beer garden
  • Refurbish lounge areas
  • Pay outstanding VAT bills

My BizNiz cash advance has really helped me. I transformed an old yard at the back of the pub to a modern, outdoor, heated seating area and installed big screen TVs for our football fans. I had put the same plan to my bank but was refused!

– John, The Rose & Crown, Manchester

The BizNiz cash advance business loan is ideal for pubs & bars who do a large percentage of their sales by credit & debit card. So if you are looking for a business loan for pubs or a business loan for bars the look no further than BizNiz the provide your Pub cash advances and Bar business loan today. If your Pub or Bar don’t take payments by credit or debit cards then don’t worry, as we have an alternative package just for Limited Companies to help with cash flow. Find out more about the Cash Flow Funding package now.

BizNiz cash advances will advance the equivalent of your average monthly card turnover e.g. if your bar takes £15,000 in monthly card sales, we will advance £15,000

There are no fixed monthly repayments. Instead, an agreed percentage of your card sales is established and then taken directly from each day’s transactions until the advance is settled, usually over 6, 9 or 12 months. To find out more about the BizNiz Cash Advances, Pub and Bar Business Loans call us today on 0333 1234 135 or click below to get a quote now.

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