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Mike & Angela, The Watering Hole, South London (cash advance £20,000)

We are lucky enough to own and run a very busy ‘gastro pub’ in south London and almost all of the customers that dine here pay us by card. We needed to raise some money so that we were able to completely refurbish our dining room area. We heard about the business cash advance products from a member of the landlords guild, as a way of raising short term business finance, this we thought would be absolutely ideal for our needs. So we made a few enquiries and made an appointment to speak with Terry from Bizniz Cash Advances about Pub & Bar Cash Advances.

Short Term Business Finance Funded Refurbishment

Gastro Pub Short Term FinanceWe completed the usual paperwork, had the required checks done and the cash was made available to us in less than two weeks. This was the best outcome we could have hoped for; it meant that we were able to start work immediately on the much needed refurbishment. The Merchant Cash Advance was such an easy process, I am really surprised that the product is not better known, but I am glad that we found out about it.

It was thanks to Terry at Bizniz Cash Advances, he really pulled out all the stops for us. Now that we know just what is involved and how easy it is to get an unsecured small business loan business finance package and we will definitely go back to Bizniz Cash Advances, as we are planning to create a beer garden & covered outdoor family friendly area in time for the summer.

Mines A Pint Of Bizniz Cash Advances Anyday

We were asked about our experiences obtaining merchant cash advances by another member of the guild and were able to put them in touch with Bizniz Cash Advances. Now they are in the process of arranging their own unsecured business loan with Bizniz Cash Advances. So many businesses have been helped to survive and grow and the people we have come across have all been really helpful and caring.Get in touch today.

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