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Business Cash Advance Put A Smile On Our Face

Amir & Sasha, Smile Cosmetic Dentistry, West London (cash advance £60,000)

Because cosmetic dentistry technology advance so fast, continual investment is key to running a modern private dental practice. We have to have funds available to invest in equipment upgrades, premises refurbishment, our website and interactive booking systems, along with expensive marketing to promote it all.

Bizniz Cash Advances

Cosmetic Dentist Business LoanWe were told about the business cash advance product as an alternative to retail business loans, so we made some enquiries and spoke to Bizniz Cash Advances about how it worked. We found the whole process to be an easy to use flexible service that really meets our needs. For example, by buying a large amount of titanium implants meant we got a more favourable rate and we were able to pass some this on to customers, offering savings to carry out restorative dentistry on clients teeth.

By buying the latest equipment for procedures which generate substantial income, we are able to improve our cash flow and generate larger profits. This in turn helps us to clear our cash advance much quicker than we would have imagined. This speed of payback also reduced the overall amount we paid quite considerably.

As almost all our cosmetic dentistry clients pay by credit card, we were able to repay large chunks of the business cash advance much more quickly than we first thought, and you are not penalised for doing so.

Getting the merchant cash advance arranged was simplicity itself and the funds were available to us in less than two weeks from applying. On the back of this success, we have now made plans for further promotions and Bizniz Cash Advances small business loans will be the first place we go to for funding them.

Bizniz Merchant Cash Advances

A merchant cash advance really does work and I would say to anybody that is having cash flow problems to look into it, then contact Bizniz Cash Advances. Their help and guidance is invaluable and it is in their own interests that you succeed.



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