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BizNiz Helps Hotel Fund Kitchen Equipment

John & Vicki, Beach Hotel, Cornwall (cash advance £30,000)

We are fortunate to own a fabulous beach front hotel in Cornwall, which unfortunately was not in the best state of repair to complement the romantic candlelit dinners we had become well known for. Bookings had never been better so we had to act now. We really needed to replace and update some of the old, tired and rundown kitchen equipment that had been inherited from the previous owner.

Bizniz Merchant Cash Advances

Hotel Merchant Cash AdvanceThe first place we went to was our so called business manager at the bank and enquired about retail business loans, but because we had only been trading for 12 months, the bank would not even consider us. We didn’t know what to do for the best, but we couldn’t just leave things and hope that everything would work out.

We looked at a number of different options to try and raise the money we so desperately needed. Then we contacted Bizniz Cash Advances, one of the leading merchant cash advance companies, and were amazed when they said that someone would come round and talk things through with us. Now, with a £30,000 advance from Bizniz Cash Advances, we have been able to get some brand new ovens and completed upgrades on the other equipment we wanted, we also have a very happy chef! And receipts have also gone up. The repayments are now well under way and at the rate we are going we will soon be clear.

Bizni Cash Advances

We will definitely go back to Bizniz Cash Advances for our next small business loan cash advance, in a few months’ time, as we are going to start a program of renovating our bedrooms and bathrooms throughout the hotel.

The other thing about Bizniz Cash Advances compared to other merchant cash advance companies, is that they treated us like real people, all I can say is the service was excellent, and now we are looking at a much brighter future.


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