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Merchant Cash Advance UK A Cut Above The Rest

Geoff, Bespoke hairdressing salon, Leeds (cash advance £22,000)

Merchant Cash Advance UKWith any business, it takes time to establish yourself and I was doing very well. In fact, to stop having to turn clients away or extend the waiting list it was time to expand and take advantage of my success. In the second year I needed to borrow the cash to supplement my start-up costs. It was much easier than I thought, and a lot easier than getting a small business bank loan.

Although my business was going very well, the bank wanted 3 years accounts which obviously I didn’t have, and they were not even prepared to offer any other financial help like increasing my overdraft limit or raising the limit on my credit card.

Merchant Cash Advance UK

I was told by a friend about Bizniz Cash Advances, so I checked it out. It was so simple to set up a merchant cash advance. The people at Bizniz Cash Advances were excellent and happy to explain everything about how the cash advance small business loan system worked. The entire process was easy, they really wanted to help me have a smooth transition with my expansion plans and it went through in just two weeks.

The fact that the money is deducted from my future card sales means there was no pressure to meet a fixed repayment schedule each month, which gave me great flexibility, as anyone in business knows it can be a bit of a roller coaster ride at times. This merchant cash advance UK setup from Bizniz Cash Advances really has worked out great for me.

I’ve been told by Bizniz Cash Advances that if I want it, I can have a second merchant cash advance when I need a hair salon business loan. That is fine by me as I’ve been considering opening another hair salon and I think that a merchant cash advance small business loan would be just the way to fund it.

Bizniz Small Business Loans A Snip Above The Rest

I would have no hesitation in recommending Bizniz Cash Advances to other hairdressing salons, looking for specific hair salon business loans. I would even go as far to say that Bizniz Cash Advances should be contacted before going to the banks for a traditional small business loan.

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