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Pete Rides An Unsecured Business Loan

Big Pete, Wheels Motorcycle Centre, Glasgow (cash advance £25,000)

I am a new and used motorcycle dealer with a fair sized repair centre and have been trading for just over 4 years. My workshop is equipped for performing diagnostic investigations, repairs and servicing plus specialist engineering jobs.

Unsecured Business Loan

Motorcyle Centre Small Business LoanI am no stranger to the virtues of an unsecured business loan, with my first advance being two years ago, which was for increasing stock levels. Nobody wants to come and look round if you have not got a wide range of bikes for them to look at and test ride. Since then I’ve been back to Bizniz Cash Advances for a merchant cash advance for a new delivery van and I have contacted the again because it is time for me to expand the business and an opportunity has just presented its self. This £25,000 merchant cash advance is perfect to buy the lease on the premises next door which will effectively double my sales and servicing space. I may even be able to get an MOT bay installed, but I will have to speak to Bizniz Cash Advances again about a garage business loans. Most of my motorcycle sales are during the spring and summer months, which means I have to have the stock ready and waiting for the first good weekend in spring. During the colder months business is brisk with servicing, repairs and modifications of riders bikes so they can start showing them off as soon as possible.

BizNiz Merchant Cash Advance

The thought of having a merchant cash advance was very scary, after I had spoken with someone at Bizniz Cash Advances about a small business loan, my fears were soon put to rest. The merchant cash advance is paid back at the same rate as my business, so when I am busy more is paid, and if I have a quiet week I am not worrying I have to find money that is not there. The whole experience has been excellent and it was all so easy to set up.

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