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cash advance for your retail business

Working capital for your retail business

Between £5,000 – £250,000 retail business loans are available for your business

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We can put a retail business loan offer in place within 24 hours
Business Funding for your retail business
Many retail businesses and car repair garages have already benefited from our BizNiz retail business loans ‘Bizniz cash advance

Bizniz Cash Advances retail business loans have funded mens & ladies fashion outlets, shoe shops, butchers, opticians, jewellery shops, pet shops and many, many more.

The businesses we have funded have used the Bizniz retail business loans cash advance to…

  • Increase stock levels before a busy season
  • Refit interiors & exteriors
  • Develop websites & software programmes to increase online sales
  • Pay outstanding rent & VAT bills

bizniz cash advances have helped me develop my website, create a strong online presence and I have been able to increase my turnover by over 30%. I put a good business plan to my bank but, even though I have been with them nearly 10 years, they said no.

The Bizniz cash advance retail business loans are ideal for any business that accepts payments by credit & debit card.

Bizniz retail business loans will advance the equivalent of your average monthly card turnover e.g. If you take £10,000 per month in card sales, we will advance £10,000. If your retail business don’t take payments by credit or debit cards then don’t worry, as we have an alternative package just for Limited Companies to help with cash flow. Find out more about the Cash Flow Funding package now.

There are no fixed monthly repayments. Instead, an agreed percentage of your card sales is established and then taken directly from each day’s transactions until the advance is settled, usually over 6, 9 or 12 months.

It means your repayments always match your cashflow.

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