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At last! A loan to grow your business in Ireland

At Bizniz Cash we understand that small and medium Irish businesses need access to finance to grow, yet are finding it harder than ever to secure business loans to support that growth.

That’s why we have introduced the business cash advance to Ireland for the very first time. It’s an unsecured, flexible business loan that allows you to repay only when you earn, so your payments are always affordable! With a 90% acceptance rate, a business cash advance could provide you with the financial support you need to grow your business.

Benefits of a business cash advance

  • High Acceptance Rate: We approve 90% of all applications.
  • Speed: Find out if you qualify within minutes! On successful application funds are normally available for you to draw down within 10 days.
  • Unsecured: There is no risk to your house or personal assets
  • Flexible Repayments: There are no fixed repayments. We agree a percentage deduction from your daily card sales which means that you only pay back when you earn.
  • Easy Application Process: The application process could not be any simpler. You only need to provide us with your business statements, proof of I.D and proof of a business bank account. Not like the complicated application process with your bank.

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What is it and How does it Work?

Unlike a traditional loan there are no fixed monthly repayments or no direct debits to set up.
Instead, the business cash advance works by agreeing a fixed % deduction from your future card sales.

This continues until the advance has been repaid. As this % will never change, it means your repayment always matches your cashflow and you never have to worry about big loan repayments during your quieter months. When your business is quiet, you will repay less and when you’re busy, you will repay quicker.

For example, if February is a quiet time for your business, then you will repay less on your business loan for that month, and if October is a busy period, then you will repay your loan quicker. This way you only repay when you earn and only what your business can afford!

Who is it suitable for?

Independent retailers, restaurants and bars, off-licences, hotels, butchers, convenience stores, dentists and opticians, hair and beauty salons, car repair garages and many more! As long as you have credit card sales in excess of €5,000 per month, we would like to help.

Our customers have used the business cash advance to fulfil a number of business needs including purchasing new equipment or stock, upgrading or refitting their outlet or just to overcome general cashflow problems.

“My business cash advance has certainly helped my restaurant. I was able to build a conservatory to create an alfresco style dining area, adding an extra 30 covers. In spite of having a healthy turnover, my bank had said no!”
– Mario, Restaurant Owner

Will I Qualify?

To qualify for a business cash advance you will need to answer YES to these three questions

  • Have you been trading and accepting cards for 12 months or more?
  • Have you minimum monthly card sales in excess of €5,000?
  • Have you a minimum of 6 months remaining on your business premises lease?

To find out if you qualify for a business cash advance within minutes, complete our quick quote form or call us on 01 695 0355 and you could have funds available to grow your business within 7 days!

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